Halo 5 Getting Classic Helmet DLC, New Playlist

Halo 5 Getting Classic Helmet DLC, New Playlist

Microsoft and 343 Industries reveal new content coming to Halo 5: Guardians, including a big team multiplayer mode variant called Warlords and classic Halo requisition helmets.

Even though it launched back in October 2015, 343 Industries has continued to develop and release new content to keep fans of Halo 5: Guardians happy. Updates have ranged from small event and playlist updates such as the Anniversary Playlist to more significant expansion pieces like the Memories of Reach pack. Last year, 343 continued to tease that it had even more content on the way for fans, and now the studio has started to reveal more of what it has planned starting with classic armor and a brand new playlist.

In its weekly Halo update, the studio revealed a new playlist called Warlords is going live later today at 2pm PST. Currently, this playlist will only be available in Halo 5: Guardians through this weekend, enabling support for 12 man Fireteams in the online mode, Warzones. Interestingly enough, 343 is calling this playlist a test, cautioning players that it may not offer a great experience due to potentially longer than expected wait times if the pre-made 12-man Fireteams queue is low. Players will only be able to enter matchmaking if they already have a 12 person team ready to go, so 343 advises use of the newly added Halo Xbox Club to find more like minded players.

Last month, 343 Industries reduced the team size from 12 to 6 players in their popular Player vs Player vs AI game mode, Warzones. The move was met at first with a bit of controversy and disappointment from the community, though overall the changes have seemingly had a positive experience on the game. Outside of this weekend test, 343 Industries confirms that there are no current plans to boost the player count back to 12.

In addition to the new playlist, a classic helmets requisition pack is also planned for release next month, with the team angling for February 9. The new pack brings with it some classic Halo helmet armor seen across all of the games over the length of the franchise. Of course, the Mark V Delta helmet is included, commonly worn by the franchise poster boy, Master Chief, along with other generation 1 helmet variations including EVA, Security, and more.

While things may have quieted down a bit for Halo 5, smaller updates like these are most likely going to be more common going forward. In a recent tease over the official Halo Twitter account, 343 hinted at the potential for more weapons, maps, and other free content. The post-launch support so far has been impressively substantial, and with no word on the horizon over a potential Halo 6, expect to see Microsoft continue to curate and keep the fan base as happy as possible.

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Halo 5: Guardians is available now on Xbox One.