Halo 5 Campaign Double That of Halo 4's

Halo 5 Campaign Double That of Halo 4's

It won’t be much longer now before gamers are once again suiting up as the Master Chief for a brand new, first-person adventure in Halo 5: Guardians. The game is being toted as Microsoft’s breadwinner this Holiday season, and it’s looking to be one of the more ambitious entires that the beloved franchise has ever seen. This is largely in part because of the game’s new Warzone multiplayer mode, but apparently the main campaign won’t be slacking in the new title either.

This time around the story follows both Master Chief and newcomer Spartan Locke, with each playable UNSC soldier receiving three additional support characters for their respective teams – and each of them set to play an important role in narrative. While there are many more characters sharing the screen with John-117 this time around, many fans weren’t quite sure what to expect in terms of how large Halo 5: Guardians‘ campaign would be… until now.

According to GamesRadar, a Microsoft representative informed them during a hands-on session at Gamescom that the campaign of the forthcoming Halo game will be double the size of the one found in Halo 4. As some may recall, the length of that particular title’s story mode was noticeable already, which means that there will be a lot more to explore and accomplish this time around.

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Given the fact that the cast has expanded to include the likes of Nathan Fillion’s Buck, as well as a slew of newcomers and expanded universe favorites, it’s not surprising that to hear that it’ll take more time to give audiences a more worthwhile narrative and arc. What’s surprising to learn, however, is that despite being twice the size of what was offered in Halo 4‘s missions, Halo 5 was originally planned to be even larger before being scaled down. Of course, it makes sense that the team had to scale down their aspirations given the title’s current and alleged girth.

GamesRadar believes it’ll be this robust because the story will take place across Human, Covenant and Forerunner worlds, but that’s far from confirmed at this point in time. Still, it’s a promising sign for those that are hoping for a little more bang for their hard-earned bucks, and there appears to still be more that Microsoft has left to share with consumers.

Are you happy to hear that the campaign in this game is twice as long as Halo 4‘s? What do you think will happen during the course of Halo 5: Guardians? Get at us in the comments.

Halo 5: Guardians will arrive exclusively for Xbox One on October 27, 2015.

Source: GamesRadar