Will Rockstar Announce Red Dead Redemption 2 This Year?

Will Rockstar Announce Red Dead Redemption 2 This Year?

The evidence continues to stack up in favor of Red Dead Redemption 2 being in development at Rockstar Games, but will the studio announce it this year?

The last time Rockstar Games put out a completely original project was in 2013, when Grand Theft Auto V launched to rave reviews and record-breaking sales. Since it has been nearly three years since the initial launch of GTA V, the timing seems right for Rockstar Games to announce its next project, and the evidence points to it being none other than Red Dead Redemption 2. But will the game actually be announced this year?

With all the evidence in favor of Red Dead Redemption 2 mounting up, it certainly seems so. In fact, it appears that there is a distinct possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2 being announced as soon as next month’s E3 event. After all, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two plans on being at E3 in a “big way,” and a Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement would fit the bill.

Furthermore, it’s been said that Rockstar Games will announce its next project soon. “Soon” could mean anything, but with the increased media attention that surrounds E3, Rockstar making the announcement at the event would possibly be the best time to do so.

If Rockstar Games does end up revealing Red Dead Redemption 2 at E3, it will be interesting to see if any of the many rumors surrounding the title turn out to be true. For example, one of the rumors is that Red Dead Redemption 2 will release in 2017, with the subtitle Legends of the West.

As for gameplay, Red Dead Redemption 2 is rumored to allow players to control three different characters throughout the course of the story, not unlike Grand Theft Auto V. It’s also said to have a much larger open world than the original Red Dead Redemption. If the Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked game map turns out to be legitimate, then a larger open world would seem to be the case.

The leaked map in question may offer more clues as to what Red Dead Redemption 2 will entail. For example, its lack of railroads has led some to believe that it could be a prequel. The leaked map also features an area called New Bordeaux, which is where the upcoming Mafia III is set, perhaps hinting at a shared Take-Two Interactive universe.

It’s evident that there’s been a lot of rumors about Red Dead Redemption 2 these past few months, which have fueled speculation about the upcoming game. Here’s hoping that these rumors are put to rest soon, and if not at E3, then hopefully we’ll still see something from Red Dead Redemption 2 before the year is over.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is rumored to be in development for unspecified consoles.