Red Dead Redemption DLC Free for Compatibility Launch

Red Dead Redemption DLC Free for Compatibility Launch

With Red Dead Redemption now available for Xbox One owners thanks to the backward compatibility program, Rockstar Games removes the prices for much of its DLC.

Today is the day many fans have been waiting for as Rockstar’s popular western action game, Red Dead Redemption, has finally made its long awaited journey to Xbox One backward compatibility. Earlier this year, the game was accidentally released on the Xbox One marketplace, teasing the fanbase over its potential return, but was quickly removed forcing fans to continue to voice their opinions over having it added to the Xbox One. To help celebrate the game’s official addition to the backward compatibility program, Rockstar removed the price to a lot of the previously released DLC.

Gamers who have picked up Red Dead Redemption either in the past, or just recently, can now pick up majority of the multiplayer focused downloadable content packs which include the Mavericks and Myths pack, the Liars and Cheats pack, and the Legends and Killers pack. While all three do add various multiplayer content to the game such as new maps, game modes, and playable characters, some also add new challenges and outfits to the free roam area of the game, such as the Hunting and Trading pack.

The last major piece of DLC called Undead Nightmare offers something completely different being a full expansion for the game, not only adding a brand new story campaign that introduces zombies into the game, but it adds a ton of content into free roam, and additional multiplayer content and game modes. Unlike the multiplayer DLC however, the Undead Nightmare expansion is still currently listed at its normal price.

For players who don’t own Red Dead Redemption, the popular and extremely well reviewed title is currently included in the Ultimate Game Sale promotion Microsoft is running for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Gold subscribers can take an additional 10% of as well, making the game an even more fantastic deal.

Unfortunately, Rockstar has been extremely quiet on the possibility of a remastered version or a full on sequel. Many fans expected to see an announcement at E3 a few weeks ago, especially with new rumors beginning to circulate and the promise that Take Two would be there in a big way. As it turned out, Red Dead Redemption was not mentioned at the show, and even Sony had to fight off rumors that it cut the title out of its press conference at the last minute. For now, it seems that fans of the franchise will need to continue to wait.

Are you excited to see the western finally make its appearance as a backward compatibility title?

Red Dead Redemption is now available on the Xbox 360 and as of today through backward compatibility, Xbox One.

Source: Xbox Marketplace