Grand Theft Auto 5 Adds New Power Play Mode and More

Grand Theft Auto 5 Adds New Power Play Mode and More

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update adds the Power Play mode, which gives players access to weird and awesome abilities to use as an advantage in combat.

Even with the recent announcement that Grand Theft Auto Online will not be a permanent fixture in the franchise, that hasn’t stopped Rockstar Games from regularly adding new content to the incredibly profitable online component of Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar just announced three new multiplayer maps that will be added as a part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, which added a ton of new features to the game such as new game modes and a customizable gunlocker.

Well it appears that Rockstar isn’t taking a break from adding new content, the publisher just updated the online component, adding an entirely new Adversary Mode to the game called Power Play. Rockstar released a trailer showcasing the new features of Power Play mode, which appears to put a twist on the game’s traditional PvP setup by adding collectible powerups that will give the player or team an edge in combat.

Along with a Power Play gameplay trailer, Rockstar Games also gave a short description of the six powerups that will be available in the game:

  • Beasted: Transform into the Beast and use special powers like invisibility, super jump, and super strength.
  • Zoned: Slow down time for all players, giving snipers a tactical advantage over exposed enemies.
  • Doped: Dull enemy’s senses with a trippy green haze. They’ll never see that flank coming…
  • Raging: Unleash a rampage with the entire team by inflicting increased damage while taking reduced damage.
  • Flipped: Scramble opponents by picking up Flipped, temporarily inverting all enemy camera controls and mixing team chat to truly get in their heads.
  • Dark: Take the team off the grid for well-timed sneak attacks.

Players only use one powerup at a time and the developer claims that teams must coordinate to most effectively use the powerups, “Layers of strategy exist through stacking powerups with other teammates, or triggering powerups to counteract enemy team advantages,” the developer said. At this point the three Power Play maps in GTA Online are Aircraft Carrier, Vespucci Beach, and Bolingbroke Prison.

The update also gives players access to a brand new car, the Grotti X80 Proto Supercar, which can be purchased at Legendary Motorsport. This week, Rockstar is rewarding players who try the new gameplay mode by doubling the amount of in game currency and reputation points that are earned while playing. The developer is also offering discounts on a number of weapons and vehicles through June 27th to further publicize the update’s release.

This update comes right on the heels of Rockstar’s update last week, which added three new maps for the Trading Places gameplay mode, as well as a bunch of new ingame items. Is GTA Online becoming too saturated with new content? Or should Rockstar keep the updates coming?

Grand Theft Auto Online and its latest update are available in GTA 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot